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  Shandong Tongfa Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in April 2015. It is headquartered at No. 555, Tongfa Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Jinan City. It is adjacent to Jihe Expressway and passes through Shixi Road. The traffic is very convenient.
The registered capital of the company is 3 million yuan. Covering an area of ​​more than 80 acres, the company has 153 employees, 20 management personnel and 103 drivers of various types of vehicles.
The company has fixed assets of 13.38 million yuan, owns and integrates 65 types of transportation vehicles, and has an annual throughput of 1 million tons. Among them, the company owns transportation vehicles: 19 13-meter semi-trailer trucks, 13 9.6-meter transport trucks, 10 9.6-meter truck cranes, 56 concrete mixer trucks and 12 other transport vehicles.
With stable, reliable and safe operation network, scientific resource integration and advanced management technology, the company relies on the advantages of product transportation business of the companies under the group company to rapidly develop and grow.
The company is a comprehensive logistics company with logistics, distribution, automobile transportation, cross-regional, network, information and intelligence, and has supply chain management capabilities. It can provide all-round, door-to-door and warehouse-to-warehouse service. Special person tracking, personal feedback, 24 hours a day, and guarantee 100% return of the receipt.
The company has set up business department, transportation department, finance department, supply department, office, dispatching room, sound organization, perfect management rules and regulations, and adapt to the company's business development requirements.
Since its establishment, under the leadership of the company's chairman and general manager, we have seized opportunities, dare to dare to do business, and keep up with the times. With the enterprise spirit of “Unity and hard work, stronger and bigger, and longer”, the company has realized the leap from zero development, created the output value and benefit growth year after year, the service has been optimized year after year, the strength has been rising year after year, and strive to become domestic in five years. Featured brand-name companies.
In the future, we must, with the leadership and support of the various departments at the higher levels, closely cooperate with our customers to enhance our service awareness and improve service levels. The company has continuously improved its management system within the company. Pay close attention to safe transportation work, strengthen the construction of the workforce, achieve mutual benefit and double profit, and make greater contributions to the society!
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