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Shandong Lufa Concrete Co., Ltd. was established in February 2004, located at No. 555, Tongfa Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Jinan City, adjacent to Jihe Expressway and Jingshixi Road. The traffic is very convenient.
The company has a registered capital of 29.6 million yuan and is mainly engaged in the production and sales of ready-mixed concrete. The company has 118 employees and 15 management personnel, including 11 professional management personnel and 36 technical workers.
The company's existing fixed assets of 13.44 million yuan, 120 type mixers, 180 type mixing units, the production system is fully automated management, the main production equipment is regularly checked by the technical supervision department. The annual production capacity is 970,000 cubic meters, with 48 concrete transport vehicles, 5 loaders (XL50), 2 300-ton storage bins, 10 200-ton storage bins, 4 150-ton storage bins and 10 pumping pumps. It has established an advanced concrete special laboratory with more than 70 sets of various testing and testing equipment. Two sets of admixture production equipment, and have obtained production qualifications and certifications of relevant departments.
The company is chaired by the chairman and the general manager. It has sales department, supply department, finance department, production department, quality department, office, dispatching room, laboratory, chief office and three production workshops. The production workshop has a maintenance group, an operation group, and a loading group. The company has a sound organizational structure, perfect management rules and regulations, and adapts to the company's business development requirements.
The company adheres to the quality policy of “100 years of planning, quality first”, sound safety production and quality assurance system, clear post responsibility, and can ensure the safe operation and quality assurance system. A staff safety education and training system has been established and can be implemented earnestly. Operators and laboratory personnel are all trained and certified to work. Labor protection supplies are issued and used on time and in accordance with the standards. The equipment is well maintained and the safety devices and protective devices are complete and effective. The various test and testing equipments are equipped with advanced and complete configuration, which guarantees that no production or quality accidents have occurred in the production process since the establishment of the company.
In the future, we must, with the leadership and support of the various departments at the higher levels, closely cooperate with our customers to enhance our service awareness and improve service levels. The company has continuously improved its management system within the company. Pay close attention to safety production, strengthen the construction of the workforce, ensure the quality of construction and service, mutual benefit and double profit, and make greater contributions to the society!
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