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Concrete, abbreviated as "tóng": refers to the collective name of engineered composite materials in which aggregates are cemented into aggregates by cementitious materials. Generally speaking, the term concrete refers to the use of cement as a cementitious material, sand, and stone as aggregates; and water (with or without additives and admixtures) in proportion to the mixture, obtained by stirring, forming, and curing. Cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, is widely used in civil engineering.
My company was established in 2004, has a second-level qualification laboratory and a large number of technical staff, according to my company's management and technical level, our company can undertake C10-C55 ordinary concrete works and C60-C100 high-strength concrete works and special concrete projects.
Concrete is one of the most important contemporary civil engineering materials. Concrete has the characteristics of abundant raw materials, low prices, and simple production processes, and therefore the amount of concrete is increasing. At the same time, concrete also has high compressive strength, good durability, and a wide range of strength. These features are used in a wide range of applications. Concrete is also an important material not only in various civil engineering applications, but also in shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, marine development, and geothermal engineering. Concrete is a kind of building material full of vitality. With the continuous development of concrete constituent materials, people are increasingly improving the use of composite materials. The durability requirements for concrete are not limited to compressive strength, but are based on strength. Pay attention to balance and coordination of comprehensive indicators such as concrete durability and deformation. Concrete performance requirements are more clear, detailed and specific than before. At the same time, the improvement of the level of construction equipment and the continuous promotion of new construction technologies have made concrete technology adaptable to different designs, construction, and use requirements. Concrete is not a single material that exists in isolation. It is inseparable from the development of the constituent raw materials and the development of engineering applications. We should treat concrete concretely from the perspective of civil engineering disciplines. This is also the case for the mix design of concrete. The first thing to consider is the structural characteristics and construction methods of the project, as well as the transport distance, and then use high-quality raw materials to prepare high-quality concrete.

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