Tower Crane 5010



Tower Crane 5010

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Tower Crane 5010

QTZ63 (5010) performance parameters: performance parameters and technical indicators leading domestic, reaching today's international advanced level
a. The maximum arm length is 50m; the arm length combination decrements every 6m and the minimum arm length is 38m;
b, the maximum weight 5t;
c. The maximum hanging weight of the arm tip is 1.0t;
d, the maximum lifting torque 63t.m;
e. The tower uses an overall standard section of 1.6m × 1.6m × 2.5m;
f. The maximum individual height is 33.8m, and the maximum attachment height is 119m;
g、Lifting mechanism: QTJ50, power 18 kW, capacity capacity 300m;
h, rotary mechanism: QTH120, power 5.5 kW;
i, luffing mechanism: QTB4.0B, power 2.4 kW;
j, tower crane type: embedded section, underframe fixed type;
• Electrical Control System
Key electrical components use internationally renowned brands such as contactors and circuit breakers from Schneider Electric
• Technical highlights
a. The driver’s room is spacious, comfortable and open-minded;
b. High efficiency of introduction and good security;

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