Tower Crane QTZ63(5610)



Tower Crane QTZ63(5610)

Key words

Tower Crane QTZ63(5610)

QTZ63 (5610) performance parameters: performance parameters and technical indicators leading domestic, reaching today's international advanced level
a. The maximum arm length is 56m;  the arm length combination is decremented every 6m; the minimum arm length is 44m; b. the maximum lifting weight is 6t; c. the maximum hanging weight of the tip is 1.0t;
d, the maximum lifting moment 84t.m; e, the tower uses the overall standard section of 1.8m × 1.8m × 2.8m; f, the maximum individual height of 39m, the maximum attachment height of 140m;
g、Lifting mechanism: QTJ63, power 24 kW, capacity 340m; h, rotary mechanism: QTH80, power 7.5 kW;
i, luffing mechanism: QTB4.0, power 3.3 kW; j, tower crane type: leg fixed, chassis fixed;
• Electrical Control System
Key electrical components use internationally renowned brands such as contactors and circuit breakers from Schneider Electric
• Technical highlights
a. Performance parameters and technical indicators are leading domestically. The appearance of the whole machine is internationally popular and very beautiful. It is deeply loved by users at home and abroad.
b. The machine has a variety of construction methods, such as a base-mounted underground foundation, an independent fixed base frame, etc.;
c. The working speed is high, the speed regulation performance is good, the work is stable and reliable, the rotary mechanism has stepless speed regulation, and the starting and braking are stable without impact;
d. The electrical control system adopts the electrical components produced by professional manufacturers to introduce foreign advanced technology, and the service life is 3 to 4 times longer than that of domestic components. The fault is less, the maintenance is simple, and the work is reliable;
e. Configure various safety devices to ensure reliable operation of the tower crane.

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