The transition to mobile internet The reconstruction of traditional business models


  The transition to mobile internet The reconstruction of traditional business models
---Hezhou Tongfa Group's new official website is on-line. Written by: Yu Jian
  Shandong Tongfa Group and China Enterprise Dynamic Design Team cooperated to break the traditional technology website model, aiming to integrate into the mobile internet era, shape corporate image, build corporate brand, change corporate marketing strategy, focus on customer eyeballs, and seize the opportunities of the industry network age. The business will be done on the phone to lead the Chinese construction machinery industry network marketing. Leading peers accelerate the market layout in the new era. Not only can they develop tremendous business value, but they can also give customers one-stop, post-sale, one-stop, most user-friendly experiences and services, and deepen the experience of mobile vertical website customers.
The website revision highlighted the following points:
1. Optimize background design, integrate mobile website and mobile client terminals, and improve the unified production and unified management functions of mobile phones, PCs and SBCs. Make a mobile phone site a key to call, a key message, a key share, a key inquiry and a key map navigation random operation. Taking the mobile phone client as the most convenient and prompt entrance to the company's customers, we will experience the experience and humane services with ease. This will surely increase our customers' reputation and trust in the “Shandong Tongfa” brand.
2. Using the "Shandong Tongfa" and "China Construction Machinery First Brand" featured two-dimensional code client, a simple scan, making it become a new channel for e-commerce platforms connecting online and offline, and e-commerce companies landing. Important marketing carrier.
3. Open up marketing-type online sales window and two-dimensional code connection, and allow background statistics to provide data analysis basis for leaders to formulate market development policies, and improve the sales window to attract and retain potential customers of the company.
4. Improve the online sales window and customer interaction marketing inquiry management system, online survey system, intelligent map system, online customer service system, download center and other functions to achieve the entire network marketing, for Shandong Tongfa maintenance website and through the website analysis market data support.
The wonderful website of the new official website has brought about the transformation of "Shandong Tongfa" people into mobile internet. This splendid turn not only absorbs a new technology, but its essence is to highlight a way of thinking. This kind of thinking will be more important than the technical properties of the Internet because it will reconstruct the traditional business model!
Welcome customers on-line experience!
January 1st, 2014

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