2013 Mid-Autumn News Report


In order to allow the employees to have a healthy, happy and peaceful "Mid-Autumn Festival", the company launched the "Spiritous Passion Cool" show on the afternoon of September 19th, a large-scale sports competition. Staff of all units are enthusiastic about registration, show themselves, beautiful team! !
The competition includes 7 projects including tug of war, table tennis, badminton and billiards.
In the course of the competition, the contestants were all full of vigor and spirit and full of energy, demonstrating the prosperous spirit of the employees and their enthusiasm. The scene of the game was very lively. The audience shouted and cheered. Afterwards, passion rose. After fierce competition, the contestants took a decisive victory and the event was a complete success. After the competition, the company’s leaders awarded prizes to the winners and gave them warm encouragement.
The success of this event was an active part of the cultural life of the employees. It also demonstrated the company's booming image and corporate style, and played a significant role in the next step for the employees to actively participate in production and management and various tasks.
The winners of this event are as follows:

Ranking Entry Projects



Third Army

Tug of War

Template Factory Team

Management team

Machinery Factory Team

Badminton (male)

Wang Guangchao

Zhang Jianjun

Home  work

 Badminton (female)

Han Hongyan

Zhu Chengling

Chen Yanfeng

Fly   Dart

Song Zhaoan

Xi Yanyan

Zhang  beauty

Jump  rope

Zhu Chengling

Ye Sijun

Yu Chenglin

Elephant   Chess

Chen Zhide

Ma Fujin

Wang Chuanxi

Taiwan  balls

Li Constitution

Chen   Chong

Yuan Guang'an

Table tennis

Wang Yongfeng

Zhang Jingjing

Liu Xiaocon


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