A speech on the newly-established trade unions' centralized awarding ceremony in Changqing District in 2013


--Shandong Tongfa Industrial Co., Ltd. Union Chairman Zhang Zepeng
Distinguished leaders and colleagues:
    Hello everyone!
    Today we are here to hold the 2013 Ceremony for the New Trade Unions in Changqing District.This is a great event for the district's trade union system and a great joy for our new trade union organization! The licensing ceremony will inevitably push forward the standardized management of the enterprise's trade unions, increase the status of the trade unions in the enterprise, increase the awareness and sense of dependence of the trade union among the employees, and have a major impact on realizing the innovation breakthrough of the trade union work! Here, please allow me to represent the trade union of Shandong Tongfa Industrial Co., Ltd. and to represent the newly-established trade union organization in Changqing District to express our warm congratulations!
    According to the requirements of the document No. 10 (2013) of the General Trade Union Chief of the Changqing District of Jinan City, the company’s leadership research, democratic election of employees, and approval of the district trade unions led to the election of a new trade union committee by the trade union of Shandong Tongfa Industrial Co., Ltd. Female Workers Committee and Funds Review Committee, with 194 current members.
    The trade union organization is the bridge and link between the party and the employees. The trade union work is an important part of the party's mass work and has an irreplaceable role. As the leader of the new enterprise trade union, we will cherish the good traditions, good experiences, and good practices that have been formed in the past. We will treasure the trust, support, and expectations of the leaders of the district. We will continue to advance with the times, innovate and innovate, and strive to promote trade unions. Career development.
    In the future work, we will in-depth study of the trade union's constitution and laws and regulations, give full play to the role of the organization, education, and guidance of trade unions, and vigorously strengthen the ideological and moral quality, scientific and cultural quality, technical and technical quality, democratic and legal quality, and safety and health quality of employees. The construction of social and cultural quality guides the broad masses of employees to be the main force and the main force in the development of enterprises. We wholeheartedly rely on the workers and staff to set up enterprises, closely focus on the overall work of the company's development strategy, earnestly enhance the sense of purpose and responsibility, and thoroughly implement the trade union work guidelines of “organizing and earnestly defending rights”, go deep into the employees, listen to employees, and care about employees. Difficulties, efforts to solve problems for the employees, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, create harmonious labor relations, and further arouse the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the broad masses of employees to care for enterprises, support enterprises, and develop enterprises, and give full play to the wisdom and wisdom of the broad masses of workers and staff. Provide inexhaustible spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the economic leap-forward development of affiliated companies.
    Comrades, the new starting point has given us a new mission. We must closely focus on the central work of the district trade unions and enterprises, fully perform the various functions of the trade unions, continuously improve the work level of the trade unions, and make innovations and achievements in all important work. Efforts have been made to build trade union organizations into the homes of employees with satisfied party and government, trust in employees, normative work, and obvious roles; and to enable trade union cadres to grow up to be their “family members”.
September 5, 2010

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