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Development Path

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1996.06 Jinan Zepeng Construction Equipment Leasing Installation Co., Ltd.

1998.05 Jinan Zhuang Zedong School
2000.09 Shandong Tongfa Industrial Co., Ltd.
2002.12 Zhang Fajun served as Vice Chairman of Shandong Table Tennis Association
2004.02 Shandong Lufa Concrete Co., Ltd.
2006.08 Participated in the Eighth Construction Bureau of China Construction Bank became the second largest shareholder
2006.11 Great Wall Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
2007.06 Shandong Jiarui Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
2007.11 Zhang Fajun was named outstanding private entrepreneur in Jinan City
2009.09 Shandong Tongfa Xinchuang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
2007, 2012 Zhang Fajun reelected two members of Changqing District CPPCC
2008.06 Shandong Tongfa Sales Co., Ltd.
2010 and 2011 successively established six subsidiary companies such as Jinan Longlian Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd.
2013, 01 Zhang Jun was elected as a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
2013,12 Established Shandong Financial Assets Trading Co., Ltd.