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According to the needs of the company's 2013-2014 actual production and service work, it is now facing the social recruitment of tower crane operators, installation and demolition workers, electric welders and electrician staff of 100.
First, the application conditions
1. Males, aged 18-45 years old (the ID card age), who have technical expertise can appropriately relax the age limit, and those who have relevant operation certificates are preferred;
2, mental health, upright style, law-abiding;
3, with a junior high school or above;
4. Tower crane operators have good eyesight, no myopia, astigmatism, color blindness, etc.;
5, tower crane operator health, no fear of heights and other diseases that affect high-altitude operations and normal work.
Second, treatment
1. The salary is 2100 yuan/month---7000 yuan; the "employees" who had worked in the company, would like to go back to work in the company and determine their corresponding wage standards directly according to their working ability.
2. The company manages board and lodging, pays insurance, is responsible for training related documents, guarantees alive all year round, and has a subsidy on business trips.
3. Registration address: No. 2222 Tongfa Avenue, Changqing Economic Development Zone, Jinan City
Registration time: From now on, you can contact directly.