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The company is mainly on production of large-scale construction machinery and steel formworkwhich is a general modern enterprise combining making sales, leasing trades, constructionand installation together. The group company has six economic entities which are Great Wall;Financing Leasing Company. JiNan ZePeng Leasing and installation Company of Construct,on Equipment. Shandong LuFa Concrete Limited. Large-scale Steel MILL Large-scale Machinery.Making factory and Zhuang Zedong School in JiNan.


Focus on new information and learn new information in real time

Recruit talents to create brilliant future

Duetotheneedsofthecompany'sbusinessdevelopment,wearenowlookingforstafftoworkforthesociety: 1.AclerkintheLegalDepartment:Requirements:Legally-relatedmajors,maleorfemale;Salary:2000-3000yuan; 2.Operatin

Strive to create a learning enterprise


A speech on the newly-established trade unions' centralized awarding ceremony in Changqing District in 2013

--ShandongTongfaIndustrialCo.,Ltd.UnionChairmanZhangZepeng Distinguishedleadersandcolleagues:   Helloeveryone!   Todayweareheretoholdthe2013CeremonyfortheNewTradeUnionsinChangqingDistrict.Thisisagreat

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The group company integrates the production, sales, leasing and service of large-scale construction equipment into entities such as finance, construction industrialization, commodity trading, and construction real estate development.

General Assembly

Tongfa construction machine

Lufa Merchant Concrete

Tongfa Leasing

Tongfa Logistics

Great Wall Financing

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Take the prefabrication of PC prefabricated components as the core, and develop a diversified strategic layout

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